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Want an eBook you can enjoy with no time limit? Download an ebook from Project Gutenberg--classic books that have been digitized. You can also download multiple eBooks from this collection. Its a good way of becoming more familiar with this format and lingering a while in your reading. Project Gutenberg eBooks are in the public domain and you are free to share them with others. See the full terms of use here.

Project Gutenberg includes many classics such as Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, and famous non-fiction titles such as Thomas Paine's Common Sense and Darwin's Origin of Species. You will also find cookbooks, how-to guides, art books, and essays. Aside from popular classics, you are certain to find hidden gems among Project Gutenberg's continually growing collection of 42,000 eBooks. Search and see what you can find! To access Project Gutenberg eBooks, look for the image below on our library's home page or eBook catalog. Or go there right now.

Project Gutenberg eBooks are available from our web site in EPUB format. This format is compatible with most devices except for the standard Amazon Kindle. You can read EPUB eBooks on a Kindle Fire by installing the Overdrive Media Console app. If you have a standard Kindle and would like to read Project Gutenberg books, we suggest that you download the books directly from Project Gutenberg's web site which offers many of the titles in Kindle format. If your title is not available in Kindle format from the Project Gutenberg site, you can use the free software program Calibre to convert the EPUB files into MOBI format for your Kindle.

Getting Started With eBooks

Downloading eBooks from the library works much the same way as checking out regular books. Each eBook can be read by one borrower at a time. When you download, or "check out", an eBook, it is no different than if you pulled the book off the shelf. Just like regular books, you can join waiting lists for eBooks that are currently checked out by other patrons. When you do this, you will receive an e-mail when your eBook is available for download.

You are allowed to check out up to 2 eBooks at a time and join the waiting list for 2 eBooks. eBooks can be checked out for 14 days. There are no renewals. When the lending period expires, eBooks will automatically disappear from your device. That's right, you don't have to worry about fines! Although you don't have to "return" eBooks, most devices allow you to return them before the expiration date so that you can borrow more books.

To browse the library's eBook catalog, click the "eBooks" button at the top of any page on our web site. You can sign in to the eBook catalog with your library card number and Pin number by clicking on "Sign In" at the top of the eBook catalog.

We have created some tutorials to assist you to download eBooks. The library also has a download station on the first floor of the library where staff can guide you through the process. Video tutorials are available here. These tutorials will help you learn how to use your specific device to download eBooks. For an excellent video introduction to using the eBook catalog, check out this tutorial.


Standard Kindle
Kindles with e-Ink or Paperwhite displays.

Kindle Fire

iPad and iPhone

Standard Nook / Kobo / Sony
All non-Kindle eReaders with e-Ink displays. Nook HD tablet users should use the instructions for "All Other Tablets" or the instructions for the Kindle Fire or iPad.

All Other Tablets
General instructions for most tablets including Nook HD, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, and Android tablets. Tablet users can also follow the instructions for the Kindle Fire or iPad as these devices are very similar.

Computer or Laptop
Instructions for those wishing to read eBooks directly from their computer or laptop.

Discover Gale Databases

Online databases are essential to today's research needs. Students, researchers, and professors all rely on databases to quickly access electronic versions of journal articles, periodicals, and reference materials that formerly required extended trips to academic libraries. As a Florida public library card holder, you may be surprised to learn that you also have access to many of the same resources that professional researchers use. But even if you are not a professional researcher, online databases contain resources that will appeal to all levels of interest. You can read magazines, learn how to improve your job search strategy, and even learn how to market your small business.

Online databases are repositories of articles and written materials pulled from a variety of sources and made accessible in one place online. Databases typically include full-text articles as well as citations, or bibliographic references. Even if a database does not contain a full version of an article you are seeking, a citation will help you locate it. Some databases have morphed into online subject encyclopedias and "reference libraries" which include unique articles not found elsewhere. These databases may or may not include access to journal articles from other sources.

As a Florida library card holder, you have access to a wide spectrum of Gale databases. Gale is an educational publishing company that produces some of the most popular and widely-used databases for educational research. To find the Gale databases that are available to you, go to the Florida Electronic Library and click on "View all resources". Any icon with the word "Gale" on its left side is a Gale database.

Here is a small sample of the many Gale databases available:

Academic OneFile - Millions of articles from more than 14,000 titles. 6,000 of these titles are available in full-text. Geared toward academic research and includes a large selection of peer-reviewed journals. Search by keyword, subject, or publication.

General OneFile - Millions of articles from nearly 8,000 titles. Geared toward a general audience and includes access to current and back issues from popular periodicals and newspapers such as Newsweek, The Atlantic, and the New York Times. The easiest way to search for a particular publication in any Gale database is by clicking on "Publication Search" and typing in the title of the publication.

Health and Wellness Resource Center - A combination database and encyclopedia. Search for information by disease or condition, or find details about popular drugs and herbs. Includes a list of carefully selected web sites for reliable and trusted health information. Also includes access to more than 400 peer-reviewed medical journals.

Small Business Resource Center - Access to articles related to starting and operating a small business. Topics include financing, marketing, taxes, and more.

Popular Magazines - A surprising collection of full-text articles from popular magazines such as The Economist, House Beautiful, Backpacker, The New Yorker, and much more. Many articles include graphics.

Florida Newspaper Database - Access to some full-text articles from a variety of Florida news sources and magazines including the Tampa Bay Times, Florida Trend, Florida Sportsman, and much more.

Career Transitions - Search job listings from job boards around the country. Create resumes and cover letters and learn how to improve your job searching strategy.

Using the New Library Catalog

The library recently upgraded its catalog to make searching for items and managing your account easier and more intuitive. To access the new catalog, click on the "Catalog" button at the top of any page on our web site. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to search the new catalog.

One new feature of the catalog that makes accessing your account much easier is the option to create an EZ Login. An EZ Login is a custom username and password that you can create to log in to your account. This way, you will not need to use your library card number each time you log in! Find out how to create an EZ Login.

Another great feature of the new catalog is the ability to create and save lists of items in your account. A list is useful to keep track of books that you may want to read in the future, but that you do not want to forget about. Learn how to create a custom list in your account.

We hope that you enjoy the new features and usability of the new catalog. We will continue to post tips and tutorials to help you make the most of the catalog.

The Florida Electronic Library

Did you know that, in Florida, you can read full issues of the New York Times online from 1985 to the present? Or current issues of popular magazines like Newsweek and Prevention? These are just a few of the many resources available to Florida library patrons through the Florida Electronic Library, a state-sponsored electronic library devoted to the sharing of electronic information resources in Florida.

Many Floridians are unaware of the enormous amount of information available at their fingertips without the need for pricey subscriptions. To get started, visit Under "Featured Resources" you will find the most popular resources that the FEL currently offers. Want a suggestion for a good book to read? Visit "Books and Authors" under the "About Books" category. Need information on the risk factors for hypertension? See the "Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine" under "Health". Or are you doing a school project and need to read the Florida Constitution of 1838? Check out the "Florida Memory Project" under "History".

The Florida Electronic Library is accessible from any Internet connection in Florida. For access out of state, you will need to enter your Florida library card number. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these great resources today.

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