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Online databases are essential to today's research needs. Students, researchers, and professors all rely on databases to quickly access electronic versions of journal articles, periodicals, and reference materials that formerly required extended trips to academic libraries. As a Florida public library card holder, you may be surprised to learn that you also have access to many of the same resources that professional researchers use. But even if you are not a professional researcher, online databases contain resources that will appeal to all levels of interest. You can read magazines, learn how to improve your job search strategy, and even learn how to market your small business.

Online databases are repositories of articles and written materials pulled from a variety of sources and made accessible in one place online. Databases typically include full-text articles as well as citations, or bibliographic references. Even if a database does not contain a full version of an article you are seeking, a citation will help you locate it. Some databases have morphed into online subject encyclopedias and "reference libraries" which include unique articles not found elsewhere. These databases may or may not include access to journal articles from other sources.

As a Florida library card holder, you have access to a wide spectrum of Gale databases. Gale is an educational publishing company that produces some of the most popular and widely-used databases for educational research. To find the Gale databases that are available to you, go to the Florida Electronic Library and click on "View all resources". Any icon with the word "Gale" on its left side is a Gale database.

Here is a small sample of the many Gale databases available:

Academic OneFile - Millions of articles from more than 14,000 titles. 6,000 of these titles are available in full-text. Geared toward academic research and includes a large selection of peer-reviewed journals. Search by keyword, subject, or publication.

General OneFile - Millions of articles from nearly 8,000 titles. Geared toward a general audience and includes access to current and back issues from popular periodicals and newspapers such as Newsweek, The Atlantic, and the New York Times. The easiest way to search for a particular publication in any Gale database is by clicking on "Publication Search" and typing in the title of the publication.

Health and Wellness Resource Center - A combination database and encyclopedia. Search for information by disease or condition, or find details about popular drugs and herbs. Includes a list of carefully selected web sites for reliable and trusted health information. Also includes access to more than 400 peer-reviewed medical journals.

Small Business Resource Center - Access to articles related to starting and operating a small business. Topics include financing, marketing, taxes, and more.

Popular Magazines - A surprising collection of full-text articles from popular magazines such as The Economist, House Beautiful, Backpacker, The New Yorker, and much more. Many articles include graphics.

Florida Newspaper Database - Access to some full-text articles from a variety of Florida news sources and magazines including the Tampa Bay Times, Florida Trend, Florida Sportsman, and much more.

Career Transitions - Search job listings from job boards around the country. Create resumes and cover letters and learn how to improve your job searching strategy.

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