Current Exhibits

AOM - April—May

Our artist of the month through May 31 is Geoff Coe, local wildlife and landscape photographer. He specializes in fine art images of birds and their natural habitats and behaviors. All of his subjects are photographed in the wild, in locations up and down the US East Coast, without the use of bird calls, lures, or baiting.

3rd Floor

Handcrafted Tree

In the multi-purpose room of Kids Place, enjoy the tree of Fort Myers Beach. The 9' tall with 11' canopy diameter column clad Gumbo Limbo tree is handcrafted on a steel substructure with naturalistic, tactile, and durable bark texture. The tree is hand-carved, hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and scenically aged to reflect the nuances of a 65 year old Gumbo Limbo tree.

1st Floor

Library Wall

Photographs and documents that chart the history of the Beach Library since its inception in 1955.

1st Floor

Doll Collection

Housed in two cases and located by the elevator on the second floor, this collection of dolls from around the world has been donated by Mrs. F. Preston Root. Mrs. Root's husband was a foreign representative for Eastman Kodak, and these dolls represent their world travel that spanned the years between the two world wars. Dainty and elegant, some of these dolls are made with materials no longer used and are hand-painted with artistic techniques. Additions to the collection have been possible as donors have given one or more dolls to the Library in recent years.

2nd Floor

Sand & Bloom

Sand sculptures and blooming plants. See pictures of the new exhibit now!

3rd Floor

Souvenir Spoons

On display are souvenir spoons from the late Betty Goodacre. She cherished picking up a spoon while visiting a site or commemorating an event.

A souvenir spoon is a decorative spoon used to signify or hold a memory of a place or event or person.

Spoons can be made from sterling silver, nickel, steel, and in some cases wood. They are often hung on a spoon rack and are typically ornamental, depicting sights, coat of arms, associated characters, etc. The year the spoon was made may be inscribed in the bowl, or on the back. The entire spoon, including the bowl, handle, and finial may be used to convey the theme.

The first souvenir spoons in the United States were made in 1890 by Galt & Bros., Inc. of Washington D.C., featuring the profile of George Washington. One year later, a souvenir Salem Witch spoon was made, and sold seven thousand copies. It was created by Daniel Low, a jeweler in Salem, Massachusetts, after he saw souvenir spoons on vacation in Germany. The Witch Spoon is given credit for starting the souvenir spoon hobby in the U.S.

2nd Floor

War-time Stamps

This display, from the collection of the late Dennis Driscoll, calls attention to postage stamps that depict wars that the United States of America was involved in. It includes both actual stamps and covers used to recall the American Civil War, World War I and II, Vietnam and other wars. Some are commemorative stamp issues devoted to the actual events and personalities of the war, as well as definitive issues depicting many noteworthy individuals who participated in the era's crucial developments.

The stamps call attention to these wars and the related activities because "... the generation that carried on the war has been set apart by its experience ... in our youth our hearts were touched with fire. It was given to us to learn at the outset that life is a profound and passionate thing. While we are permitted to scorn nothing but indifference, and ... above all, we have learned that ... [in one's life work], the one and only success which it is [for each of us] to command is to bring to his work a mighty heart. -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Societies venerate people and events of the past and present, and governments likewise use a variety of official mechanisms to honor them, including place names, architecture, currency, and postage stamps.

2nd Floor

Preserve Photographs

Featured are a set of photographs by James Rodwell that highlights native flowers of the 60 acre Matanzas Pass Preserve located near the library.

2nd Floor

Shell Collection

Housed in multiple cases on the second floor are a collection of shells from around the world, many from the local shores. Thanks to Ruth and Jeff Brame, two early settlers on the Beach, who began the initial collection. In recent years shells have been added to the treasures from the collections of Mary Ellen Bradford, Sylvia Van Bergen and Susan Yehle.

2nd Floor

Vintage Photographs

On the 2nd floor near the elevator, one can find vintage photos of Fort Myers Beach yesteryear, and near the water fountains on the same floor, post cards of Fort Myers Beach that were part of each succeeding decade.

2nd Floor

Island Tour

Enjoy a Fort Myers Beach Historic Island Tour by taking in the map "Footprints in Time" offering a self-guided QR Code tour of historic landmark vistas.

3rd Floor

Contemporary Paintings

Enjoy the gathering of abstract paintings featuring a permanent collection donated by local artist Donald Musto.

2nd Floor

Bird Photographs

A variety of Florida bird photographs by Lana Petersen are available to the left of the bay window near the Health Collection.

2nd Floor


Just as Pongo in the 1961 Disney animated film, One Hundred and One Dalmatians is the husband of Perdita and father of 15 puppies and adopted father of 84 more puppies, so Beach resident A. J. Bassett shares her delight in these creatures through a display of many Dalmations, in different poses and settings.

2nd Floor