How to Use the Library's Internet Access

1. Internet access is available on public access workstations located in the adult services area of the library and WiFi in the Library Commons.

2. Internet users agree to abide by the Internet User Guidelines posted online and available at each workstation.

3. Internet users at the walk-up workstation(s) are expected to limit their session to the posted time limit as the workstations are to be readily available for others.

4. Patrons are to reserve time at the Reference Desk, in person or by telephone, for use of the extended-term Internet stations. Patrons may sign up in quarter-hour blocks of time, up to a maximum of one hour per day per patron. After the reserved time is over Internet use may be continued if no one else is waiting. The one-hour per day maximum is subject to limitation in the event of computer outages or exceptionally high demand. A patron who is more than ten (10) minutes late for an appointment will lose his/her appointed time if others are waiting.

5. Patrons are asked to check-in at the Reference Desk before beginning their sessions at the extended-use stations, and notify the Reference staff when leaving. Users are also to provide a photo ID. Young children may not have a photo ID and staff can accept another form of ID.

6. The Library does not offer electronic mail accounts. Users may access their own e-mail accounts if the account is accessible via the web. E-mail is not to be downloaded to the Internet workstation computers, but may be printed for a small fee. Users are encouraged to set up an account with a service that offers free e-mail if an address is needed for sending and receiving messages.

7. The Library cannot protect users from materials which some may find offensive, inappropriate, or inaccurate. Florida Statutes 847 makes it unlawful to display obscene materials or images. Because the library is a public place, the library staff has the authority to end an Internet session at any time as a result of misuse or abuse of Internet access.

8. The library will disable the filter for adult patrons 17 and over upon request. The requesting patron need not explain why they are asking that the site be unblocked or that the entire filter be turned-off.

9. The Fort Myers Beach Public Library assumes no responsibility for the use of the Internet by children. The library recommends that parents supervise Internet use by their children.

10. The Fort Myers Beach Public Library is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, or for any liability that may arise from patron use of the library's Internet service. The Fort Myers Beach Public Library is bound by an agreement with an access provider that prohibits the unlawful use of the Internet, and seeks to be in full accord with the Federal Communication Commission order updating regulations pertaining to the Children's Internet Protection Act for libraries.

11. Library staff or volunteers may be available to assist in the use of the Internet, although the level of assistance may vary with time of day. Staff members and volunteers have varying levels of Internet expertise and work schedules do not allow for in-depth instruction. The library seeks to have in its collection tutorials, books and videos for patrons without computer experience. Patrons needing in-depth training are encouraged to seek instruction from local schools, colleges and commercial vendors.

Internet Safety Policy

The Fort Myers Beach Public Library provides Internet access to the public in order to make available a wide range of information resources, in support of the library's mission to make information available in a variety of formats, and to enable members of the public to become familiar with state-of-the-art information technology.

Fort Myers Beach Library District Internet Access and Safety Policy No. FMBLO-803, effective September 23, 2003, establishes guidelines for use of the library's walk-up and extended use workstations. Click here to see the policy in its entirety.

Authority: Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read, and the Freedom to View documents; Mission Statement, Fort Myers Beach Library District Board, CIPA, Florida Statutes.