Other Services

Community Room

There is a community room available on a limited use basis. Click here or contact the library (239-765-8162) for more information about reserving the room.

Quiet Rooms

There are two Quiet Rooms available.

--for use by Beach Library Card (must be in good standing with no fines) holders age 16+ for reading, private studying or non-paid tutoring; room needs to be reserved at the Reference Desk and is reserved for 2 hour blocks, with time extendable if available.

--for use by persons for private or commercial use; room needs to be reserved at the Reference Desk and fee is $15.00 per 2 hour block, with time extendable if available. Fee is paid at time of reservation.


The Beach Library aims to enrich the community and provide support for lifelong learning. It seeks to be a place for this community and learning to create and enjoy art directly. By promoting the arts the Library helps create a more creative and expressive community and allows those without access to art education or art museums to participate and learn in this creative community. The interior of the library has been livened up with special artwork. The Decorative Artists of Southwest Florida have provided murals especially the window looking out to the Gulf of Mexico found on the stairway from the first to second floors. Local artist, J.D. Burdge, has graced the entire elevator shaft with an underwater sea scene that one can soak in while riding the glass walled elevator from the first to third floors. The architecture of the expansion includes waves in the ceilings and in the design of the terrazzo floor.

Copy Service

A copy machine is available on the second floor. It can copy up to 8.5" x 14". The cost is $.10 per copy.

Fax Center

Anyone can send or receive a fax from the Library. The cost to send or receive a fax varies, depending on the location. View the fax rates here. Fax rates are subject to change.

Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL)

If the library does not have a book in the collection that you are seeking, the library is able to request it from other libraries across the state and country. Just fill out the form at the Circulation Desk with as much information about the book as you can and we will see if there are any libraries willing to loan the book to us. It usually takes about two weeks to receive an interlibrary loan. Magazine articles can also be obtained this way. There may be a charge for photocopying.

Library Catalog and Database Classes

There are classes offered for learning to use the library's electronic catalog and magazine and other databases. These classes are scheduled once there is enough interest expressed to hold the class. Please call 765-8162 to register your interest.

Large Print

Large Print section located on the second floor offers what educational research as well as action studies confirm: reading confidence, improved letter and word recognition, reading comprehension and reading enjoyment. Besides large print books, there are large print magazines. Available also is a ClearView magnifying machine. The user places anything flat (book, checkbook, bill, stock report) on the base and it will be magnified onto an accompanying monitor.