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America in Six

Crazy dream. Not crazy in America.

Triumph trumps tragedy in our America.

Everyone has a story to tell, but can you say it in just six words? We are challenging you to tell a story about America, using only six words. We think that if we collect enough six word stories, then all of the words together might say something profound about our country. We can't wait to find out, but we need you to "say it in six" first. To get started, we encourage you to read Philip Caputo's "The Longest Road", the author's story of his road trip from Florida to Alaska in search of what holds America together. When you are ready to tell your own story of America in six words, you can choose one of three ways to submit it: 1. Visit the digital storytelling kiosk on the 2nd floor to complete an activity that will help you create your six words (great if you need help and ideas); 2. Submit your story using the form below; 3. Write your six words on the submission form available at the displays on the first or second floors. All six word stories will be displayed on our web site and compiled into a video. We can't wait to hear your story about America "in Six".