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Notary Services

The Fort Myers Beach Public Library offers Notary Services on an available basis to our library patrons with an active library card (with no fines) free of charge.

Call ahead to 765-8162 to be sure that a Notary is on duty at the specific time or day that you plan to use the service.

We can only notarize materials in English.

For those with a library card the service is free, otherwise there is a fee of $3.00 per notary session.

Here are some suggestions to make your visit go smoothly:

  1. Look over your documents to be sure you have done everything required.
  2. Bring a picture ID with you containing your signature.
  3. Do not sign anything until the Notary is present.
  4. If you need witnesses bring them along with you.
  5. When you arrive at the library there may be a short wait until a Notary is able to leave other duties to offer you Notary service.

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